Tammy Joe, the youngest of three, grew up cognizant of the thrift of her surroundings. Weary of a seemingly endless stream of hand-me-downs, she dreamt up ways of reinventing her brother's over-sized sweaters and sister's winter coats. 

Throughout her youth she scoured church bazaars, garage sales, and second-hand shops on the weekends. Later on while working as a consultant and traveling across the US, she spent every free moment visiting local thrift stores. Inspired by the textiles and details of vintage garments, she began to make small alterations to update her finds. Soon she went from changing hem and necklines to deconstructing entire pieces. Like origami, simple cuts and folds effected significant transformations, and thus began Young Oak.

Young Oak is a blend of history and craftsmanship with transformation and ingenuity. It is a continual evolution of vintage and up-cycled apparel and textiles. Scouted everywhere. Made in Vancouver.

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